Surf Point's

Surf Point's

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Surfing / Stand Up Paddle Board

Nusa Lembongan has a number of quality surf breaks. All of the surf breaks have a reef bottom and so some caution is required.

Surf Board Hireand Stand Up Paddle boards is available in the village.

Starting from the North there is Shipwrecks, Razors, Muntigs/No Mans, Lacerations and Playgrounds. You can access these breaks using the local jukung style boats, which will drop you off and pick you up for a small fee. You might be able to work a better deal with the Captains if you have more than one person going or if you are here for a couple of days and negotiate a multiple use price. This will depend on your bartering skills. Please note we encourage our guests to pay direct to the Captains so make sure you have some money in your pocket before you head off.  Please see the helpful descriptions below to learn more about each break before you head out.


One of the islands most famous surf breaks, this is the right hander you can see at the north end of the island. Best at 3-4ft this wave provides a fun ride for the intermediate to expert surfer. It can start as a peak and run off down the reef as a right, sometimes producing a small left running towards the shipwreck. It can be quite powerful at the take off area and as it gets bigger the current can make you paddle to stay in position. The reef here is not as menacing as some of the other breaks but you should still be a little careful if you find yourself on the inside. Your best option is to use the current where possible to exit towards the end of the break instead of trying to paddle straight back out. Generally the current will carry you back out to the take off. Be aware of the sneaker sets as they can sometimes catch you out and give you a good old fashioned washing machine treatment.

Best swell: South swell 3-4ft

Best Tide: High running out


This is one for the goofy footers. It is a fast running left on the south side of the channel opposite Shipwrecks. This is a very shallow, fast tubing wave and is best suited to experts if it is over 4ft. Aptly named Razors due to its very sharp reef and shallow water you don’t want to hit the bottom out here. If the swell direction is right and the tide is high then on the bigger swells those adrenalin junkies might find this wave to be just what they are looking for, but beware the ride can end in a very severe closeout section. Everything about this wave is fast; the take off can be quite daunting once it gets over 4 ft. When it is small it can be a nice gentle ride on the inside suited to beginners but make sure you keep an eye on the conditions as a rising swell can arrive over an hour and you don’t want to get caught out.

Best swell: South swell 4-6ft

Best Tide: Incoming tide, high tide and the first part of the outgoing tide before it gets too shallow.

Muntigs/No Mans

Named No Mans, as quite often you can see it and all it’s mighty without anyone on it. There is a reason for this. It can hold extremely big swells, up to 12ft plus.  It is the right hander in the middle of the long reef that runs between Razors and Lacerations. Usually not ride able until it reaches 8ft, this wave packs as big a punch as it looks. Coming out of deep water it starts off with a steep takeoff that soon becomes a freight train right along the inside over extremely shallow water. This wave has a lot of water in it and is only for the brave or experts. This one is sometimes better to watch than surf… enter with caution!  

Best Swell: South West 8ft plus

Best Tide: High Tide and outgoing


Probably the jewel in the crown- a right hander just out the front of the resort next to the smaller pontoons, this wave is simply short, sweet and fast. This extremely hollow wave surges in from deep water and spills out over a very shallow ledge. It has an amazing barrel which many surfers come and wait months for. Aptly named due to its reputation of chewing surfers up and rumbling them along the reef this wave is best left to the experts especially once it hits 4 ft. A mistake out here can be costly and the currency is SKIN. Many surfers will tell you they have surfed Lacerations but they won’t tell you it was only 2-3ft, when Lacerations hits its straps at the 6ft range many surfers are left sitting on the side watching the performance unfold as the brave and the experts get dealt their “just deserts”. Truly a magical experience and a beautiful wave but keep an eye on the tide as it starts shallow and only gets shallower as the tide runs out. This wave demands respect.

Best Swell: South West 3-6ft

Best Tide: High Tide running out


Located just to the right of the resort this wave is a classic little peak with both a right and a left. The right works better in a south swell and the left in a south west swell. Often the smallest of the breaks this place can look crowded but strangely enough there are plenty of waves. A gentle wave up to 3 ft this is perfect for the kids, beginners or those surfers in need of a tune up before hitting the more experienced breaks. If you are fortunate enough to get it 4ft or bigger it can become an exceptional hot dogging wave, perfect for the surfers repertoire, almost anything can be done on this wave. When bigger, this wave can sometimes develop a bit of a current once the tide starts to run out, so it is best to keep an eye on your position in the line up. It can also deal out a bit of a dumping if you get caught on the inside of the peak. If the conditions are like this and you are not up to it then, it may be better to stick to the end section of the right.

Best Swell: South West 1ft- 4ft

Best Tide: Good on the incoming for beginners and the kids, outgoing tide for the more experienced surfers.

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